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Assertive Staffing is one of the best Placement Agency for Job Seekers in New York. We keep a close eye on market trends and can offer our insight as a part of the process to ensure you are placed in the best position. Your next professional move or career change will be prioritized by us. We are dedicated to providing you with an interview and enrollment process that allows you to broaden and improve your search options.

Placement Agency for Job Seekers

Staffing Solutions

If you are a Job Seeker and looking for a placement agency in New York, we provide the best staffing and placement solutions for job seekers.

hire temporary employees

Temporary Placement

Work with a variety of companies if you choose while keeping your schedule flexible

contract hire

Contract to Hire

You are also a decision maker. You can explore an opportunity, various positions or companies before you make a permanent choice.

full time contract

Full-time Contract

Long term employment can bring a sense of security. Working alongside our clients permanent staff members while learning, growing your knowledgebase and experience level for an extended time period.

Direct hire

Direct Hire

With a wide rolodex of reputable clients in many industries let us help you land that life changing job. Assertive Staffing is one of the best Placement Agency for Job Seekers in New York.

Areas of Expertise

Here is a brief overview of the industries we specialize in:

Professional icon

Office Support

  • - Executive Assistants
  • - Data Entry Clerk
  • - Office Assistant
  • - Customer support
  • - Administrative Assistant

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Light Industrial

  • - Warehouse Associate
  • - Forklift Drivers
  • - Truck Drivers
  • - Managers/supervisors

Medical Icon

Healthcare Staff

  • - LPN
  • - RN
  • - Physical Therapists
  • - Occupational Therapists
  • - Traveling Nurses
  • - Dental Support Staff

Coding icon

Information Technology

  • - Technical Support
  • - Webops Engineers
  • - Programmers
  • - Systems Engineers/Administrators
  • - Network Engineers/Administrators
  • - Scrum Master/Product Owner

Accounting icon

Finance & Accounting

  • - Business Analyst
  • - Teller
  • - Accounting Clerk

Hotel icon

Hospitality Industry

  • - Front desk clerk
  • - Line cook
  • - Maintenance
  • - Mail Clerk


Finance & Accounting
Finance & Accounting
Finance & Accounting
Information Technology
Information Technology
Information Technology
Healthcare Staff
Healthcare Staff
Healthcare Staff
Office Support
Hospitality Industry
Hospitality Industry
Hospitality Industry

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