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At Assertive Staffing, Recruiting is more than just a skill set on a piece of paper. We are professionals in finding the appropriate individual who will fit in with your company’s values. We engage our clients with creative hiring options regularly. Whether you’re managing variable staffing needs or looking for a specific skill set, we have the right program for you. Get in touch with us and hire the best employees.

Hire Best Employees in New York

Staffing Solutions

Hire the Best Employees to your requirements.

hire temporary employees

Temporary Placement

As the flow of your business changes throughout the year, you can fine tune the size of your staff. Give us a call we have a team of qualified candidates that’s available. We will do the managing for you.

contract hire

Contract to Hire

As an employer you’ve been down that road before, when you had to let someone go too early after they’ve just joined your team. Well, this service allows you to work with a potential employee and ensure they are a fit before you move forward in the hiring process.

full time contract

Full-time Contract

Hiring full time contract personnel brings a different level of expertise. Let us find the personnel that’s committed to working the hours you need, have the skillsets you’re looking for and the experience to get the job done.

Direct hire

Direct Hire

The task of marketing, interviewing, and selecting a candidate can be daunting. Let us handle it!! We will prescreen the applicants and guarantee our service. Get in touch with our team and hire best employees in New York.

Areas of Expertise

Here is a brief overview of the industries we specialize in:

Professional icon

Office Support

  • - Executive Assistants
  • - Data Entry Clerk
  • - Office Assistant
  • - Customer support
  • - Administrative Assistant

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Light Industrial

  • - Warehouse Associate
  • - Forklift Drivers
  • - Truck Drivers
  • - Managers/supervisors

Medical Icon

Healthcare Staff

  • - LPN
  • - RN
  • - Physical Therapists
  • - Occupational Therapists
  • - Traveling Nurses
  • - Dental Support Staff

Coding icon

Information Technology

  • - Technical Support
  • - Webops Engineers
  • - Programmers
  • - Systems Engineers/Administrators
  • - Network Engineers/Administrators
  • - Scrum Master/Product Owner

Accounting icon

Finance & Accounting

  • - Business Analyst
  • - Teller
  • - Accounting Clerk

Hotel icon

Hospitality Industry

  • - Front desk clerk
  • - Line cook
  • - Maintenance
  • - Mail Clerk

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Finance & Accounting
Finance & Accounting
Finance & Accounting
Healthcare Staff
Information Technology
Information Technology
Information Technology
Light Industrial
Light Industrial
Light Industrial
Hospitality Industry
Hospitality Industry
Office Support

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